Mas machine monitor

SW product which allows to monitoring machine statuses...


MAS MACHINE MONITOR - This product is software which enables the client to monitor the timely use of the machine online during a shift and enables the client to check the operating status history and to consequently take appropriate production and logistics measures. This can all be carried out using the visualization program installed in the client’s PC.

A further function is MAS GSM MONITOR – monitoring of selected machine statuses through the mobile operator network on selected telephone numbers in the form of an SMS message. The employee can immediately respond to the event also in the case that they are not present at the machine.

Examples of events are – the machine runs in the cycle, the machine is activated and does not work, the machine is in error or the machine is disconnected. This data is processed by an external module and transmits messages to responsible persons during the operation of the machine. Similarly, the responsible person can send an SMS which is transformed as a command into the machine. For example, work finished – disconnect the machine.

Remote diagnostics in KOVOSVIT MAS offers clients:

  • Shortening of disconnection of the machine using online specification of the defect, i.e. within the shortest possible time
  • Repair or elimination of the originated defect within the shortest possible time
  • Optimising of the work of the machine by technological support
  • Provision of additional product – Report of the use of the machine and on-line monitoring through the network, GSM monitoring, etc.

MAS GSM MONITOR – Function of GSM module:

  • Using the touch display up to five telephone numbers can be defined for monitoring and controlling the machine
  • For each telephone number it is possible to set sending messages in the case of a change of machine:

             - Sending SMS messages
             -Sensing SMS messages in the case of any change
             - Sending an SMS is active during each change after expiration of a set time interval
             - Sending SMS messages in the case of the failure of the machine or receipt of the user M-code

  • Setting the sending of messages can be performed using two methods:

              - Through the touch panel
              - Sending an SMS message to the number of the module – e.g. message “SMS ZAP” activates the sending of messages to the sender’s telephone number in the case of each change. The command is accepted only for pre-defined telephone numbers.                                       

  • It is possible to inquire the actual status of the machine by sending an SMS message in the form “STAV”
  • In the technological program, in the case of the fulfilment of a certain condition (e.g. production of certain pieces, etc) the user M-code can be called which causes the “Accepted user M-function” SMS to be sent. The SMS is sent to all activated telephone numbers.
  • Prostřednictvím SMS z některého předdefinovaného čísla mohou být ovládány až 2 uživatelské signály. Tyto signály vstupují prostřednictvím PLC stroje do technologického programu, kde mohou být využity k nejrůznějším akcím. Takto lze ovládat chování stroje na dálku (například zastavení stroje po dokončení aktuálního dílce, změna výroby na jiný typ dílce apod.)

MAS MACHINE MONITOR - Report on the use of the machine and online monitoring through the network:

  • The basis is the server program which can monitor the status of up to five machines. Individual machines are connected to the server through the Ethernet network. The server periodically (typically one second) ascertains the status of each machine and in the case of detection of a change, stores the time mark and the status code into the selected file of the respective machine.
  • To display the statuses of the machine, a client program is used which loans and displays files from the server. The client program may run on another PC within LAN and in this case a shared directory is used to access the files. There can be further client programs within LAN.
  • The Client program has the following properties:

            - Display of the actual status of the machine in an adjusted distinguishing of the time; display of percentage loading within the stated interval.                     
            -Browsing of the history of the use of the machine, again with a display of the percentage loading within the stated interval.  

Other functions:

  • Expansion of the number of monitored machines
  • Sending e-mails in the case of a change in the status of the machine
  • Detailed statistics for selected machines
  • Printing options