Quality system

 In order to provide quality assurance, the Company has introduced a quality management and control system in the Foundry that includes input material inspections, supervision of the entire production process and the final inspection of the release of castings. The entire process complies with the standards of quality management according to ISO. The Foundry is a holder of the following certificates: ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016.

The Foundry also includes a material laboratory and a sand laboratory, which evaluate and archive records of the chemical and physical properties of the individual materials and moulding mixtures and standardly perform spectrometric analyses and ultrasound tests.

Other services offered

  • Technological solutions of customized castings
  • Complete production of new modelling equipment at our own pattern shop using the CNC technology
  • Possibility to use models delivered by the client and their modification for the current foundry technology
  • Heat processing, annealing against internal stress
  • Coating castings according to the client’s requirements
  • Guarantee of material composition and the chemical and physical properties of the cast iron
  • Complete working of castings at KOVOSVIT MAS using the latest CNC technology

Model production

  • Production of complete model equipment made of wood, metal and combination of wood with metal, plastic or resins
  • Repairs and modifications of delivered model equipment according to the client’s requirements
  • Production of models using CNC machines