The strategy of the company is the focus on a strong orientation of demands of the clients and for a client-oriented approach. In order to achieve our strategy, we mainly look for the arguments in certain areas and the possibilities of offering clients a complete service and solution which is based not only on the sale of machines, but also on the preparation of technologies, service, financing and production control.


The company KOVOSVIT MAS is one of the leading European suppliers of technology of machining and a producer of machine-tools with a European-wide scope. Our task is to create a firm and a long-term partner relationship with employees, clients and partners which gives us the basis for the continuous growth of our company.

  • Satisfaction and long-term relationship with the client
  • Perfect quality of our products
  • Continuous innovations and modernisation
  • Fast service and consulting
  • The best solutions on market


  • Professional
  • Innovative
  • Helpful



KOVOSVIT Group, as a leading European manufacturer and supplier of machine tools, machining technologies and manufacturer of grey and ductile iron castings, is fully aware of the fact that the management system according to the internationally acknowledged standard ČSN EN ISO 9001 forms the basis for continuous growth of companies, creates conditions for improvement in all areas of activity, supports consistent development of quality of products and services.

Active development of the Quality Management System (QMS) forms an integral part of company management and is actively applied by the management in all external relationships, i.e. in relationships with customers, suppliers, employees, and national administration and local government.


Based on this, the boards of directors of KOVOSVIT companies together with the executive managements commit to provide products and services in line with the requirements of the customers always at a high technical and technological level while preserving mutual advantageousness of the business relationships and simultaneous permanent improvement of the quality of their products and services.


For the introduction of the aforementioned, the boards of directors together with company managements determine objectives, target values and programmes, ensure periodic inspection of goal fulfilment and introduce remedial measures upon deviations and failures to perform. The main principles of the quality policy are:


  1. QUALITY GOALS are processed in line with the company Business Plan (BP) and strategic goals;
  2. QUALITY STABILITY OF THE PRODUCT RANGE is ensured by its permanent evaluation and improvement;
  3. In the development and innovations of the supplied product range, including new products and services, CUSTOMER REQUIREMENTS AND NEEDS are considered, which improves its UTILITY PROPERTIES;
  4. Servicing and consulting services are systematically improved with the focus on CUSTOMER NEEDS;
  5. SUPPLIER COOPERATION is developed with the goal of creating a favourable environment for long-term trustworthy relationships beneficial for quality development and technical level growth of products and services;
  6. For the fulfilment of the goals and target values, the necessary company RESOURCES are planned and subsequently provided;
  7. Active cooperation with national bodies, organisations, and local government bodies that act within the reach of the company and lowering the risk of damaging the ambient ENVIRONMENT;
  8. Support of competence development of EMPLOYEES for achieving a high level of work quality – employee health protection and effective injury prevention.
  9. Securing the personal data safety management system. We introduce GDPR as a comprehensive system with linked control documents (policy, directives, instructions) and records.


The Boards of Directors together with the executive managements expect acceptance and fulfilment of the aforementioned Quality Policy principles from all employees of the companies. Furthermore, the task of all employees is to permanently apply the aforementioned principles in their daily activity in the company.