History of company


The company has a 79 year old tradition in the production and development of machine tools. The company has been awarded many appraisals for technical contributions in the development of machine tools in the Czech Republic. Svým výrobním sortimentem se orientuje hlavně na subdodavatele pro automobilový, energetický, letecký a strojírenský průmysl. KOVOSVIT MAS nabízí svým zákazníkům komplexní služby, individuální řešení, flexibilitu, výrobky té nejvyšší kvality.

The 21st Century and the Present Day


The Company responded to the requirements of the market and the customers by increasing productivity and reducing the production costs. The Company started producing multi-axial machines enabling integrated machining processes during a single mounting and machines manufactured on the basis of specific client’s requirements: ROLLER 2800 and SPH 50 DS.


  • modernization of production floor machinery
  • investment in foundry and logistics


  • completion of an extensive modernization of the 5th floor and the customer centre in the administration building
  • construction of a new entrance to the administration building
  • investment in the machinery in the production halls
  • celebration of the 75th anniversary of the founding of the company
  • establishment of the MAS Automation division


  • Completion of the construction of new modern plant entrance area
  • Extensive investments into production (foundry and heavy halls)
  • Continuation of the development of high-tech machines
  • MCU 1100V-5X five-axis vertical working centre


  • Continuous expansion of the assortment with high-tech machines
  • MULTICUT 630S/3000 multi-functional turning-milling centre


  • Change the main shareholder to FPK Group Limited
  • Commencement of an extensive reconstruction of the production halls and the office building
  • MCU 630 VT-5X five-axis vertical working centre


  • MMC 1500 portal working centre
  • MMC 1500 received the “Fair Award” at MSV Nitra


  • CNC SP 430 turning centre
  • ROLLER 2800 – special technology machine
  • MCV 1270 Speed received the “Fair Award” at MSV Nitra


  • On 1 January 2008, a subsidiary was founded in Poland: KOVOSVIT MAS POLSKA
  • MULTICUT 500 multi-functional turning-milling centre


  • MCV 630 V-5X five-axis vertical working centre


  • MCU 630 five-axis working centre
  • HiTURN 65-10X turning centre
  • CNC SP 180/280 working centres
  • MULTICUT 500 S (T) and SMARTURN received the “Excellent Product of the Year” award by the Czech Design Centre


  • MCU 2000 portal working centre
  • MCU 2000 SPEED received the “Innovation of the Year” award by the Czech Association of Innovative Enterprise


  • SMARTURN 160


  • SPM 16 CNC lathe centre


  • MCV 1000 vertical working centre


The Nineties


The Company was restructured in the first half of the 90s; new markets were searched for and the production assortment underwent a fundamental change. CNC control systems enable a fully automated operation of machines. A new series of vertical machine tools of the MCV series and universal lathes with the MASTURN CNC control were introduced.


  • MCV 750 A vertical working centre, SPH 50 CNC lathe


  • MCV 500, 750, 1000 vertical working centre series


  • SPU 20 MC double-spindled working lathe centre
  • MCV 32 vertical working centre


  • MASTURN 40 universal lathe with CNC control


  • SARY 42 CNC and SARY 60 CNC one-spindled CNC automatic lathe


The Eighties


In 1983, the MCSY 50 and MCSY 80 universal lathe centre was introduced. The machine became an inspiration of foreign companies and the Kovosvit conception was thus ahead of its time. In 1983 – 86, many of the Kovosvit machines received gold medals at international fairs, such as in Brno and Leipzig.


  • SPU 40 CNC lathe centre


  • VO 50 radial drilling machine


  • WXH 100 NC precise drilling centre


  • MCSY 50 and MCSY 80 universal lathe machining centre with two spindle heads and automated tool handling


The Seventies


The progress in electronics forces the introduction of machines with NC control.


  • VXD 100 CNC production drilling and machining centre


  • SPT 16N received a gold medal at MSV Brno


  • SPT 16 N semi-automatic lathe


  • The construction of the new Hall 3 was completed in April 1971
  • SP 16 and SPT 32 NC universal lathes with a wide frame and NC control


  • VR 5 NC jig-boring machine


The Sixties


Kovosvit started to produce programme-controlled machines in the sixties.


  • 19/03/1969 Fire in Hall 3; the construction of a new hall started in August 1969


  • VXR 50 NC numerically-controlled drilling machine with a turret


  • SPT 32 received a gold medal and a diploma at the fair in Leipzig and Brno


  • 29/05/1963 Completion of the construction of the new foundry building
  • Introduction of the production of EKONOMAT SPT 20 and SPT 32 lathes


  • Commencement of a new era in the design and production of machine tools


The Fifties


In 1952, the production of HVF 1600 horizontal drilling machines and HD 31 heavy planing machines was launched. In the same year, the production of A 12 and A 40 one-spindled cam automatic lathes according to Škoda documentation was commenced. In 1956, the production of the WKV 100 precise jig-boring machine started (almost 700 pieces manufactured until 1994)..


  • The WKV 100 jig-boring machine serial production launched


  • SP 31 semi-automatic copying lathe received the “EXPO Grand Prize” award in Brussels


  • WKV 100 precise jig-boring machine


  • VRM 50 mounting radial drilling machine of the company’s own design


  • HD 31 planing machine (5 pieces produced in 1954 – 1957)


  • Production of horizontal milling and boring machines transferred from Škoda
  • Introduction of the production of HVF 1600 horizontal boring machines; the plant also produced SPE 50 lathes and SP 31, SP 25 and SP 12 lathes


  • Production of A 12, A 20 and A 40 automatic lathes adopted


  • VRP 8 travelling radial drilling machine


The Forties


The production of turret and centre lathes and radial drilling machines was moved from the parent establishment in Zlín. In 1945, the production of radial drilling machines came with its own series VR 2, VR 4, VR 6 and VR 8. In 1941 – 1942, the production of bicycles was launched as an additional production activity. In 1949, Kovosvit Sezimovo Ústí, a stated-owned enterprise was founded; around 1,700 people were already working there at that time.ů.


  • The plant was renamed to Baťa, n. p. Zlín, a subsidiary factory in Semizovo Ústí and the name of Kovosvit was adopted


  • The VR 4 radial drilling machine series was subsequently extended by VR 2, VR 6 and VR 8


  • The fifth production hall was built
  • A total of 742 lathes, 586 turret lathes and 144 drills were produced


  • Turret lathe R 5
  • Completion of the foundry construction
  • Completion of the construction of the third production hall and a power plant
  • Commencement of the construction of a five-floor office building that dominated the skyline (a thousand Jews worked on the site)
  • There were 700 machine operators at MAS Sezimovo Ústí at the end of the year


Building MAS Machine Works in Sezimovo Ústí 1939 – 1949


The production of machine tools in Zlín, Baťa’s city, started in 1936 and soon after that the Company put together an integrated offer of basic assortment. In 1938, the production in Zlín encountered some difficulties with recruiting. The company management considered transferring the centre of the activity in this field into a different region – Slovakia. However, the events in the second half of the year stopped that intention. After the separation and occupation of Czechoslovakia, the company management decided to look for another location within the territory of the Protectorate.

The Company received a new logo – the MAS brand (meaning Moravian and Slovakian Machine Works) during the time when they were thinking of moving to Slovakia. After 15 March 1939, the meaning of the logo was changed to Moravian Incorporated Machine Works and the company management looked for a new location in the territory of the Protectorate. Mr. Bohuslav Ševčík, the Director of MAS, selected an area in the cadastre of Velký dvůr near Sezimovo Ústí that the Company acquired on 5 June 1939 for the construction of a new plant.


  • 5 June 1939 – Purchase of land for the construction
  • 9 June 1939 – Commencement of the construction works
  • November 1939 – Industry track put into operation
  • 20 December 1939 – Launch of the machine tool production
  • Turret lathe RS 25, RS 40 and centre lathe SN 18, SN 20