The company has a 79 year old tradition in the production and development of machine tools. The company has been awarded many appraisals for technical contributions in the development of machine tools in the Czech Republic.

History of  KOVOSVIT MAS

The beginnings of the foundation of KOVOSVIT MAS date back to June 1939, when the construction of Baťa plants in Sezimovo Ústí was initiated. Almost half a year later, in December 1939, the production of the first machine tools began. About this time, the logo was also created – the MAS brand which was then the abbreviation for Moravian and Slovakian Machine Works (a similar plant was built also in Slovakia at that time). Since 1940, the company has its own foundry, which has been actively operating up to this day. In the following period, the production of turret and centre lathes and radial drilling machines was transferred from Zlín to Sezimovo Ústí. Since 1945, the production of in-house developed radial drilling machines has developed. As a complementary product, the production of bicycles was introduced in the period 1941–1942.

In 1949, the national enterprise Kovosvit Sezimovo Ústí was established. At that time, there were 1700 employees. In the 1950s, the company mainly engaged in the production of horizontal drilling machines and heavy planers. The production of automatic lathes also started. With the development of electronics in the 1960s, the independent development and production of numerically controlled machines, known as NC machines, began. Kovosvit also celebrated international successes in the 1980s. Many machines have won the Gold Medal at international fairs in Brno and Leipzig. The breakthrough product then became universal turning and milling machines MCSY 50 and MCSY 80. Kovosvit got ahead of its time with this machine concept.

In the following years, these numerically controlled machines progressively improved.


KOVOSVIT MAS has significantly strengthened its position on the world engineering market in the last four years and is currently the leader in the production of multifunctional machine tools in the Czech Republic.

The first half of the 1990s is marked by the restructuring of the company, search for new markets and a fundamental change in the production assortment. The company focused on the development and production of CNC machines, control systems of which allow fully automatic operation. With the advent of the 21st century, the company has been increasingly responding to the market and customer demands by increasing productivity and lowering production costs. Multiaxis machines for complex machining and machines made on the basis of specific customer requirements have been brought into production.

KOVOSVIT MAS also did not avoid the global economic crisis. The breakthrough year regarding growth was 2011, when it broke out of the crisis and got from the red to the black, and KOVOSVIT MAS confirmed a 35% increase in turnover in terms of economic results compared to 2010. The original revenue plan of 1.1 billion CZK actually reached 1.25 billion CZK. KOVOSVIT MAS showed a profit of 64.2 million CZK in 2011. The economic results of KOVOSVIT MAS in 2012 represented a 21% increase in turnover compared to 2011. The original revenue plan of 1.46 billion CZK was exceeded to 1.52 billion CZK. In 2013, revenues grew to more than 1.75 billion CZK. In 2014, revenues increased by almost 21% to 2.2 billion CZK.

Since 2011, the company has begun to invest massively in the production, innovative technologies, the reconstruction of production facilities, including the administrative ones. Since this year, an average of almost 220 million CZK is invested annually.

60% of the production is concentrated on multifunctional and five-axis machines (hi-tech), 40% are standard CNC machining centres and lathes. KOVOSVIT MAS is one of the world’s six leading manufacturers of hi-tech technology in these segment of production.

Business strategy and activities of KOVOSVIT MAS

Key sales markets include the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Abroad, it is the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and Poland. In 2012, the joint venture OOO MTE KOVOSVIT MAS was established in Russia. The development of new sales territories and other activities on the markets are oriented towards strengthening the position in the EU and further in India, China, Turkey and America.

As far as the structure of orders and subcontracts of KOVOSVIT MAS is concerned, about 20% of the products go to the automotive industry, 20% to the power industry and 50% to other branches of engineering, i.e. mining, armaments and railway industries. In 2012, interesting orders were carried out in the mining, machine tool production and power industries.

In 2013, KOVOSVIT MAS was awarded the Gold Medal in the innovation category at the International Engineering Fair in Brno.

Employment in KOVOSVIT MAS

KOVOSVIT MAS is one of the largest employers in the South Bohemian region. At present, it has almost 600 employees. Since 2011, the company has increased its staff by almost 200.

Social Responsibility of KOVOSVIT MAS

KOVOSVIT MAS follows the tradition of Tomáš Baťa, the founder of the company, whose activities were directed towards public activities for the benefit of the region and his employees.

.KOVOSVIT MAS also supports specific projects in the field of culture, sport, philanthropy and other needed activities. This contributes to improving the standard of living of citizens as well as to the development of the region. KOVOSVIT MAS perceives publicly beneficial activity as an integral feature of the business.

In recent years, KOVOSVIT MAS has provided considerable funds for various projects, local cultural events and festivals such as Wine Festival, Representative Beer Festival, purchase of a radiosurgical unit, including accessories for gynaecological and obstetric department of Tábor Hospital. The supported non-profit organizations include Cheiron T, o.p.s., Fokus Tábor, Domácí hospic Jordán, o.p.s., Rodičovské centrum Radost, o.s. and Centrum Kaňka. Sports organizations that receives long-term financial support from KOVOSVIT are FC MAS Táborsko, a.s. and TJ Spartak MAS Sezimovo Ústí.

KOVOSVIT MAS respects its employees and therefore organizes theme-oriented events for them and their family members. This is, for example, a sports day called KOVÁK CUP, St. Nicholas Day Meeting, company ball and Open Day with a rich programme also for the general public. The company wants to continue in this trend.

Company Vision

KOVOSVIT MAS wants to focus primarily on customer needs and customer-oriented approach. To achieve this strategy, it prefers to offer customers a complete service and solution that lies not only in the sale of a machine, but also in the preparation of technologies, service, financing and production management.

KOVOSVIT MAS has a long tradition in the production of machine tools. It has received many awards for technical contributions to the development of machine tools in the Czech Republic. Its product range is mainly focused on subcontractors for the automotive, power, aerospace and engineering industries. It offers its customers comprehensive services, individual solutions, flexibility, products of the highest quality and the corresponding service. KOVOSVIT MAS has also been aiming at creating a solid and long-lasting relationship with its employees, customers and partners, ensuring continued growth of the company.