MCU 700VT - 5X

X / Y / Z - 700 / 820 / 550 mm
Table clamping area size630 [800] mm
C axis maximum speed: 500 min-1
Max. speed10 000 / 12 000 / 18 000 / 24 000 min-1

Machine highlights

The machine designed for continuous 5-axis machining of complex parts. Its configuration and performance properties enable manufacturing of complex moulds and 5-sided full part machining.

The high machine rigidity based on the gantry concept provides power machining of parts. The high precision of the MCU 700V-5X (MCU 800V-5X) machine perfects the possibilities of 5-axis machining and complex part manufacturing in one setting. The machine is characterized by high dynamics both in terms of tool motion (3 axes) and in terms of workpiece motion (2 axes) ensured by means of direct drives in rotary axes of rotary and tilting table and allocation of individual axis motions 3+2. Turning possibility 500RPM.

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Special accessories

Special accessories for product.


  • High-pressure centric tool cooling
  • Pick up tool magazine - 64 stations
  • Band filter of cooling liquid
  • Laser tool probe
  • The complete list of special accessories and detailed information is available from our  trade representatives.


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