FOUNDRY – Production of Grey and Modular Cast Iron Castings


  • 1939 – Commencement of the construction of the Foundry
  • 1940 – Commencement of the operation of the Foundry
  • 1963 – Opening the “New Foundry”, commencement of the operation of foundry cupolas, low-frequency electric furnaces, heavy and medium moulding shop
  • 1964 – Commencement of the operation of a mechanical moulding shop
  • 2000 – Introduction of modular cast iron
  • 2001 – Installation of a Künkel Wagner automated line and regeneration of sand mixtures
  • 2013 – Construction of a medium-frequency electric melting shop 

Castings are made of the following materials:

  • Grey cast iron (GG15 – GG35)
  • Modular cast iron (GGG40 – GGG60)

The total annual capacity of the Foundry is 12,000 tonnes of grey and modular cast iron with a weight range per one casting from 2 kg to 13,000 kg.

In the past ten years, the Company has completely modernized the production process of castings and moulding equipment. In 2001, we introduced a new automated moulding line, followed by equipment for regeneration of foundry sand mixtures. The Foundry invests into new technology every year to ensure its ability to flexibly respond to the requirements of the clients. The latest large investment was the construction of a new medium-frequency melting shop that was built in August 2013.


Production Possibilities

Castings are mainly manufactured for the following industries:

  • Gear producers
  • Machine tools and moulding machines
  • Automobile industry
  • Agricultural machines
  • Producers of pumps, pipelines and fittings
  • Textile machines
  • Shipping industry
  • Producers of glass moulds
  • Other industries 

Quality System:

In order to provide quality assurance, the Company has introduced a quality management and control system in the Foundry that includes input material inspections, supervision of the entire production process and the final inspection of the release of castings. The entire process complies with the standards of quality management according to ISO. The Foundry is a holder of the following certificates: ISO 9001:2008 and Lloyds Register (LR) – since April 2013. The Foundry is currently being evaluated for certification by Germanischer Lloyd (GL), Det Norkse Veritas (DNV), Büro Veritas (BV) and ABS.

The Foundry also includes a material laboratory and a sand laboratory, which evaluate and archive records of the chemical and physical properties of the individual materials and moulding mixtures and standardly perform spectrometric analyses and ultrasound tests.


Other services offered:

  • Technological solutions of customized castings
  • Complete production of new modelling equipment at our own pattern shop using the CNC technology
  • Possibility to use models delivered by the client and their modification for the current foundry technology
  • Heat processing, annealing against internal stress
  • Coating castings according to the client’s requirements
  • Guarantee of material composition and the chemical and physical properties of the cast iron
  • Complete working of castings at KOVOSVIT MAS using the latest CNC technology 
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Model production

  • Production of complete model equipment made of wood, metal and combination of wood with metal, plastic or resins
  • Repairs and modifications of delivered model equipment according to the client’s requirements
  • Production of models using CNC machines

Production of castings

Castings are manufactured according to the individual weight categories, dimensions and series in three moulding shops:


Mechanical moulding shop – automated moulding line

Production by the Künkel-Wagner automated moulding line with the technology of a bentonite moulding mixture and the AIRPRESS plus system; Production of foundry cores using core shooters

Suitable for production of larger series   50 pieces – 10,000 pieces

Weight range                                               2 kg – 80 kg

Maximum casting dimensions                  800 x 650 x 380 mm

Minimum wall thickness                            6 mm

Serial production                                        200 pieces – 500,000 pieces/year


Central moulding shop – semi-automated moulding line

Production using the technology of self-hardening furan mixtures prepared using GUT and FAT equipment

Suitable for medium series production   2 pieces – 100 pieces

Weight range                                               100 kg – 1,300 kg

Maximum casting dimensions                  2,400 x 1,200 x 550 mm

Minimum wall thickness                            10 mm

Serial production                                        20 pieces – 1.000 pieces/year


Heavy moulding shop – manual moulding

Production using the technology of self-hardening furan mixtures prepared using GUT and FAT equipment

Suitable for small series production        1 pieces – 20 pieces

Weight range                                               1,000 kg – 13,000 kg

Maximum casting dimensions                  5,500 x 2,300 x 1,500 mm

Minimum wall thickness                            12 mm

Serial production                                        10 pieces – 200 pieces/year

Melting shop   

  • 2 cupola furnaces, rate of melting: 6 t/hour
  • 2 low-frequency Siemens electric furnaces, capacity 2 x 4 tonnes
  • 1 medium-frequency electric furnace, capacity 6 tonnes

Cleaning shop – casting blasting, grinding and polishing

  • Capacity – max. 48 t/day
  • Blast machines – Škoda, Schlick, Spencer, PTB, TZB Kovo Staněk
  • Direct and angle grinders, pedestal grinders

Roughening shop and tooling

  • 2 roughening machines – portal machine, horizontal machine


  • Packing and storing castings according to the client’s requirements

Interesting facts

  • The heaviest cast – a frame for the MCU 3000 machine from grey cast iron with the weight of 13,216 kg, May and December 2011
  • The use of the polystyrene combustible model for a casting with the weight of 7,200 kg, May 2013
  • The employee with the most years of service – 49 years, Jiří Drbal

The “New Foundry” celebrated its 50th anniversary of casting production in May 2013

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